Get Ready!

The Silver is a simple, but powerful device to help you stay protected while getting things done.

It does require that you take some initiative and learn the basics how to get started and use the software platform included with the SilverBack.

PLEASE NOTE: You will need to follow our detailed instructions in order to make the SilverBack work with your computer. In some cases, you may need to contact your computer manufacturer's support to get some help. YES, it is worth the effort to guard your security and gain access to the REAL internet.

How To BOOT to the SilverBack

You will want to be sure that your computer boots to the USB port at the time you turn it on (bootup), following the instructions here. Likewise, if you are traveling, you will want to use these instructions to boot up to your USB device.

For PC Users:

1. First, determine where your PC's Function Key is.

It is often the F2 or F12 key, but you need to research and confirm for you own device.

2. Restart your computer and hold down the Function Key while it's booting up to access the boot menu.

Then select the SilverBack to boot directly to those drives.

If you have followed these instructions and still are not able to boot to the SilverBack, we recommend that you do a Google search on how to change the boot sequence on your exact or similar model computer. If that fails, reach out to your computer manufacturer. It is a problem with your computer. Every computer should allow you to change your boot sequence.

For Mac Users:

Set up and installation:

CLICK HERE for our updated guide.

How to Use the SilverBack OS:

The SilverBack runs on an OS that is extremely similar to the one detailed in the following video. Learn all about how to benefit from it's powerful features.


PrivacyWorks Access and more.

Download PDF info on how to access PrivacyWorks HERE.

Contact & Support

Your SilverBack receipt contains contact information for support issues. If you have a problem with your SilverBack, we are happy to help!