Get Ready!

The MyGoldUSB is a simple, but powerful device to help you unlock the true potential of the internet while limiting risk to your privacy as well as your computer.

It does require that you take some initiative and learn the basics how to get started and use the software platform included with the MyGoldUSB.

PLEASE NOTE: You will need to follow our detailed instructions in order to make the MyGoldUSB work with your computer. In some cases, you may need to contact your computer manufacturer's support to get some help. YES, it is worth the effort to guard your security and gain access to the REAL internet.

How To BOOT to the MyGoldUSB

You will want to be sure that your computer boots to the USB port at the time you turn it on (bootup), following the instructions here. Likewise, if you are traveling, you will want to use these instructions to boot up to your USB device.

For PC Users:

1. First, determine where your PC's Function Key is.

It is often the F2 or F12 key, but you need to research and confirm for you own device.

2. Restart your computer and hold down the Function Key while it's booting up to access the boot menu.

Then select the MyGoldUSB or Silver Back to boot directly to those drives.

For Mac Users:

1. Download and install rEFit.

Macs don't support USB booting without downloading and installing additional software called rEFit. This means you have to download and install rEFit on every Mac you want to boot into from a USB drive. This is a trusted source for the application:

2. Hold down the "Option Key" when you turn your mac on.

You will need to restart your Mac to boot to the MyGoldUSB.

When you turn on your Mac immediately press and hold down the Option key to access the Startup Manager. Select the USB drive (the description will actually say "Windows") and you'll boot into the encrypted operating system.

3. If you have trouble . . .

If you have downloaded and installed the software and followed the instructions and still are not able to boot to the MyGoldUSB, we recommend that you

What to do if you can't access .onion websites?

In some cases, your Internet Service Provider (ISP) may be preventing your browser from accessing .onion websites. You can select the appropriate option in your browser, such as in the TOR Browser you have an option to add an application that will avoid the censored access. Or, you can contact your ISP and have this filter removed. You are paying for the full service, so it's a breach of contract for your ISP to censor or limit your access to the Internet without notifying you.

PrivacyWorks Access and more.

Download PDF info on how to access PrivacyWorks here.

Contact & Support

Your MyGoldUSB receipt contains contact information for support issues. If you have a problem with your MyGoldUSB, we are happy to help!