Mac Setup

We’re recently discovered that our old instructions weren’t working for many Mac users. We’re working on detailed video instructions, but for now we have put together a quick list and some links that should get MOST Mac users up and running relatively quickly with the SilverBack.

There is a relatively new security feature on the Mac that has caused problems for many users. It requires you to disable a security feature called SIP and then install an app called ReFINd. This will change the way your Mac boots. Here’s the basic instructions and some links to show you how to do it. Always BACK UP YOUR COMPUTER before making changes like this.

First, Disable SIP:

  • Follow the instructions in the following Video to disable SIP.
  • Best Video: click here

Install reFInd

Install the Silver Back OS on your Mac or a separate USB

We have some other videos on following the install steps. I haven’t narrowed it down to a “best” video yet, but these are helpful. If you have trouble installing to your own hard drive, We recommend installing to a second USB if you have one (Preferably USB 3.0 with over 32 GBs of storage).

General info about using the OS